Pay by link has disappeared

I was having issues with the Monzo app so uninstalled and reinstalled, when I reinstalled it, the option to pay anyone by link had gone. It shows on the transfer screen “Pay by bank transfer or send a link to anyone” but when clicked the only option is to pay by bank transfer.

Details to reproduce:
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On my Huawei phone I have two options:

Pay by bank transfer

Pay by text or email

I take it that it is the second option that you are not seeing on your phone, for some reason.

I am on the free, basic account.

Yeah it’s the second option that’s missing, it used to be there and then disappeared. I’m also on the free account

Hi Katie & welcome :wave:

Enable Settings -> Privacy and security -> Payments with friends to get ‘Pay by text or email’ back


You’re a star! Thank you so much!

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