I’ve got this today thought it’s not a bad offer for 50% but the shows and movies available aren’t extensive as disney or netflix tbh. I used paramount recently at my airbnb in USA and they have a lot more to offer than what is availble in the UK. The deal isn’t too bad for a year. I’ve cancelled my auto-renewal next year in advance


The half price deal is about what it should cost IMO. Stereo audio unless you sign up via a 3rd party is ridiculous in 2022-2023 (no way I’d watch movies that way). Coupled with the poor content they really need to start again and do it properly this time.

Rocko’s Modern Life is joining Paramount+ from the 7th Dec (s1-4).

I used to love this as a kid, I suspect it might have dated badly though…

Rocko’s Early-to-Mid-'90s Life.

The issue im finding with all these new streaming networks is that they have NOTHING.

Paramount was terrible when it launched with the exception of Halo and the Star Trek (Cant remember the name) and in my opinion it still is terrible.

Why do they insist bringing out subscriptions with terrible selection?

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Everyone wants to be the platform. But ultimately the market will only support a small number - they ain’t all gonna make it.


This is just a mess. Paramount need to get their house in order and their content under one roof or I can’t see it lasting here, and they’ll be better off just leasing it out to the other players, if they’re just going to continue those deals despite having their own platform anyway…

But the latest Paramount show will be a Disney plus exclusive in the U.K.

It’s like they want to have their cake and eat it too as the saying goes (I think).