Captain Marvel to go exclusively to Disney+ service after theatrical release

(Simon B) #1

It looks like Disney are getting serious with their proposed Netflix rival, Disney+.

Good idea? Bad idea? Personally I can’t see them gaining on any ground on Netflix any time soon, even with Marvel and Star Wars stuff (which most people will just watch once in the cinema anyway).


I would have been surprised if they had done anything except this!


Buy all my films off itunes anyway never really use things like Netflix Amazon prime for watching movies anyway

(#savetheseabass) #4

I think it’s a good strategy. I don’t have Netflix but I’d seriously consider Disney+ because of the proposed Marvel content.


It’s a good idea, they own the stuff and want to rival Netflix, Amazon etc

I can see it being popular for parents in that they could put Disney stuff on the TV for the kids to keep them quiet. I’d consider signing up if the Marvel stuff was new series of Daredevil etc.


Already has a Disney service currently £4.99 a month my change i the name and probably the price kids have it on tablets

(Jonathon) #7

It would just be one of those services I sign up for when I want to watch something then cancel.

Netflix has a guaranteed monthly amount from me. If I want to watch a series or film I’ll pay the £X a month for one month to watch then cancel.

Personally I don’t watch enough Disney to warrant a monthly service.


I haven’t really been following Disney+ (except to know that it’s a thing). Do we know if it’s going to be a US only service at launch?


Yeah it will be US only initially but probably not for long