Paramount+ will launch in the UK on 22nd June and will cost £6.99 a month or £69.90 per year. A 7 day free trial will be available. The service will be available free of charge to Sky Cinema subscribers.

They have also created a Paramount+ twitter account for the UK and Ireland


Yeeey another streaming platform - said no one ever :speak_no_evil: :rofl:


8,000 hours of content sounds like a lot, but I’d like to know what specific content would be available before I’d shell out. It could be all Murder She Wrote or something!!


I take it back. I get it free then - or it’s probably just a repeat of everything that is listed as ‘on demand’ on Sky.

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Their website here shows a few of their shows/films.

I remember the complaints about the recent Star Trek shows not getting a UK release the same time as the US etc (might have ended up on Pluto TV if I remember correctly) so I guess that is an improvement for Star Trek fans.

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If you mean the background…

Nothing there I’d sign up for.

Discovery is not worth £6.99 a month.

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I’m sold.

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I did mean the background, which I am aware barely shows anything. It’s definitely not going to become my main streaming service or anything. I use the trial and subscribe for a month from time to time.

And another thread!

Maybe they all need merging together.

I don’t see why. I have no interest in Amazon Prime so why should I be faced with Amazon Prime posts when looking for Disney+ or whatever?

It would be like merging together all the different bank threads. It would make things “tidier” but also make reading the threads more annoying.

A subforum of general chat called TV/Streaming or something maybe, but I don’t see the need… Discord is pretty good at keeping things separate already.

I meant merge the streaming services together.

The slices of the pie are getting thinner and thinner.


Oh absolutely… but I fear they’ll remain separate and a big company like sky will have a ‘bundle’ for £60 a month… then we’re back to the reason half of us gave up and went to streaming in the first place.


I can see some of the smaller ones making a deal at some point.

It’s not like that isn’t already happening to a small extent with both Paramount+ and Peacock making deals with Sky (although I am aware both Sky and Peacock are owned by the same company).

So, with Paramount you’ve got all the Star Trek (*except for Star Trek Picard and Lower Decks which is staying on Amazon), Mission Impossible films, Indiana Jones films, Sonic the Hedgehog, Comedy Central (Southpark), the Transformer films (that’s not exactly a benefit though) and there’s the new live action Halo TV series as well.

I’ll definitely sign up for the first month and may even need to rethink the Netflix sub now that they’re putting the price up.

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It does look like they’ve got all 12 seasons of that as well on there!

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Give them a year they’ll all be like, pirated content is on the rise and our profits are down. They’ll blame the people accessing this content, rather than it been them getting greedy


Netflix are tightening up on everything in a drive for greater profits and pushing people to seek alternatives.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and how sustainable some of these newer/smaller services are in the long run. And if they end up ultimately doing the same thing.


Plex can kinda do this as in you can add shows to your watchlist from any service and it puts them in one area. Not really tried it though I use Plex for me own media :wink: