The shows I’ve watched have been very good and there are still quite a lot of films and TV shows I want to watch so I’ll defintiely be keeping it around a lot longer.

Currently working my way through series 2 of Star Trek Discovery (think I’m up to episode 5). I think it is definitely better than series 1. The plot seems more unique so less predictable (who could have guessed that in the very same episode they randomly mentioned parallel universes for the first time, they ended up in a parallel universe haha) and they seem to have gotten rid of essentially all of the clunky dialogue so definitely an improvement in my eyes.

That isn’t to say series 1 was bad. I did enjoy it, but series 2 definitely improves on it.

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First time I sat down to watch Discovery was when it launched, and I was fully expecting Michelle Yeoh to be the main character :sob:

Only got around to watching episode 3 and further, er, this month. Took me that long to get over it.

Where have you watched up to now?

checks notes

Last episode I watched was 1.5, where Lorca was rescued and the tardigrade released. I’m quite far behind, I know. :sweat_smile:

(I would possibly be further along were it not for the fact that the Sci-Fi channel has relaunched and is showing Quantum Leap from the start, but we’re getting a bit off topic there).


Despite me saying parts of series 1 are quite predictable, there are quite a few twists for you to come…

I’ll stop talking now. Dont want to spoil anything haha

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Well La Brea has got to be among the worst, if not the worst tv show I’ve ever seen. The writing is bad. The acting is bad. The CGI is bad. It reminds me of a tv show equivalent of those cheap Canadian sci-fi TV movies on the Syfy channel back in the day.

It’s lower quality than your run of the mill serial drama, which given their churn rate is quite the feat.

With all that said though, I’m actually… liking? It :grimacing:

Everyone tells me it’s the new Sharknado.