Overdrafts? Anyone actually got one yet?

(Stefan Waring) #1

Has anyone actually got and started to use the overdraft facility yet? I clicked to show interest and it said would hear back in a week or so…

(Simon Porter) #2

I did ask the support team. September is the only estimate I’ve been given. I think was told they are in the process of finalising some legal and compliance things.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

The email did say a week or two -

I would be shocked if there’s not a post in this community within half an hour of the invites going out!

(Stefan Waring) #4

Indeed a WEEK or two… it’s been over a week and I was just curious to see if Monzo had started to roll out to anyone yet, believe me I’m not one of those who post after half hour asking if it’s out yet!

(Tristan Thomas) #5

This week, the first people will be contacted :slight_smile: I’ll update here with more details when I get a sec!

(Simon Porter) #6

Any update on this update? Not that I’m desperate for an overdraft or anything :sweat_smile:

(Hugh) #7

Also, when is it hitting Android!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Feeling left out… :frowning:

(Tristan Thomas) #8

@venkat can you update on timelines?

(venkat srinivasan) #9

We have a number of people who have requested for an overdraft. We should start lending this week. The plan will be 4 or 5 customers this week and slowly offer to more customers next week.
To note: The objective of this stage is to lend to 50-100 customers and learn before we automate and scale lending

Community Digest 8/9/17
Android app and Overdraft Facility
(Daryl) #10

sounds real interesting, be cool to see how this pans out with the automation.

(Hugh) #11

I would love to help but a) Android b) don’t need an overdraft and would rather not start needing one :wink:

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