Android app and Overdraft Facility

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So I got my new monzo current account sorted today, but before I switch from my end account I have a couple of issues.

monzo is not signed up to the cass, and I don’t see the overdraft facility on the app. Can a authorised overdraft be agreed before I move over fully, this is quite important to me as I’m paid 4 weekly, and as we all know bills are monthly.

Many thanks

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Monzo doesn’t currently offer overdrafts


Technically Monzo does. They are testing with limited number of users at the moment

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From other threads, it sounds like overdrafts have started to be rolled out to a limited number of people. Not sure it has anything to do with iOS or Android, or when they will be made more widely available.

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Okay, true but it doesn’t have a generally available overdraft OP would be able to use yet.

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You can opt in to be considered for an overdraft in the help menu on iOS or by contacting COps on android as the button is missing on the page.

As for CASS, it is on the timeline for Monzo but I’m not sure on the completion date for this. If I remember rightly, it is something they wanted rolled out before they issued new customers their current accounts.


It’s on the way :soon:


Monzo is like a basic current account without overdraft. I’m unable to move all my Direct Debits to Monzo because of this. I need an overdraft to cover Direct Debit payments… quarterly energy bills around £500-600…


Out of interest, why are you relying on debt to finance bills? What about a monthly Direct Debit?

Overdrafts will be here, they’re just working on them right now.


Just in case… to cover Direct Debits and not to pay decline fees…
I pay all bills by Direct Debit…
Very difficult to remember all dates. Mortgage, Energy bills, Council Tax, Loan repayment, credit card, life insurance, Broadband, Mobile phone…


Monzo don’t charge for declined Direct Debits :slight_smile:


Monzo not, but other companies do… if Direct Debit fails they add £5 or £10 fee to next bill


or even £15

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It seems overdrafts have arrived - I can apply for one on Android.

My account has had a balance of £0 for nearly 2 months now, and today I got a notification that my balance was ‘approaching £0’ and prompting me to apply for an overdraft. Made me chuckle :wink:

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I got so excited to see that overdrafts had arrived to android and that monzo app had updated today only to open it to see that in my android app overdrafts have not arrived.

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