Got a reply from cops that they have no options to amend overdraft limit manually - feature is not ready for them.
Maybe someone know when this feature will be ready for them? Thanks!

Hey @anon98360489 :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues :frowning:

We aren’t able to change your overdraft on our end for security reasons. It’s also important that when you change an overdraft you read and agree to various documents which we walk you through in the app :slight_smile:

Apologies for any confusion! :+1:

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Thanks for quick reply @HughWells!
Is there any chance to change my overdraft limit? As I been pre-approved for £100 overdraft long time ago…
Do you run any account reviews or something like this? Thanks!

Your limit? I’m afraid not - that is determined by our credit checking (which is quite conservative). Hopefully we’ll be able to offer you a more generous one in the future :slight_smile:

Every month :+1:


I’m stuck with a £100 overdraft limit too, I don’t see how this post is a solution. I had £4k with my last bank and now Monzo is my only account this is absolutely abysmal in comparison. I’m told that effectively I’m being penalised for being an overdraft beta user as there’s no internal tooling to bump me up to at least the £1k that others get (including my wife who doesn’t work).

I see a lot of work going on with things like bill splitting and interface tweaks but nothing is on the roadmap for improving overdrafts, isn’t this a core service of a bank?

So not only do my cheques take longer than any other bank to clear, a temporary overdraft isn’t even in place to cover my late incoming payments from clients (happens every month) and I’m at risk of important bills being rejected (due to Monzo’s unauthorised overdraft policy) and therefore affecting my credit rating. Surely this is a serious issue that should be given some priority? At least I know cheque imaging is on the radar.

I’m starting to question whether Monzo really is in a place where it can be “sole current account”. Due to this, sadly I’m now looking at the high street banks…


Firstly, I’m really sorry to hear about the bad experience :disappointed:

Apologies for any confusion over this. I haven’t seen what you’ve been told but although we can manually adjust limits (and the tooling is there) we don’t do so except in very specific circumstances (ie. those who wish to self-exclude from credit). Your overdraft will have been based on a credit check so it may have been the case that what we’re getting back from the CRA is inaccurate - I don’t know if you’ve checked your Noddle account?

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Just checked Noddle, it’s showing 633 and 5/5. Clearscore is 557/700 stable. No negatives showing anywhere and both reporting me as above average.


No overdraft allowed here! I do have high utilisation, although after monzo rejected me I got £4k from Barclaycard.

Don’t forget - lending isn’t only about the lender’s criteria and whether you fit within it, it also depends on the supply of money.

If Monzo were to offer everyone £1000 that would be a £1.15bn liability. From what I’ve read, they only have about £200m in deposits and they are only lending a portion of that.

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Considering a money transfer card as an alternative to an overdraft, should be cheaper but I’m trying to consolidate accounts not create more. In my case, overdraft is to ensure mortgage gets paid whilst cheques are still clearing, I can’t think of a more genuine reason for an overdraft. Yes I get paid by cheque.


A lot of people still get paid by cash

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Just to update, I got a new personal current account and overdraft through Starling. Their app is very confusing compared to Monzo in my opinion but I already have a business account with them so it’s handy in that respect.


Money in Starling pots is also treated as available balance for their overdraft, so I keep a bit in a pot.

MBNA money transfer CC has worked well for me in the past. Just checked today and they’re offering me 3.9% interest rate on money transfers with no transfer fee - scarily cheap…