Unable to manage overdraft

hi all just reopened my monza account after closing it over a yr ago. was amazed to see it had all my previous transactions and payees etc. just got one issue. i can see i have a 1000 overdraft limit but cant seem to manage it. says sorry there was a problem please try again later or contact us
support have said remove and reinstall app

do same again while opting out of beta still nothing
any one on here got any ideas?


Hey, sorry about that!

This is a known problem which we’ll soon be fixing and is related to you enabling your overdraft but closing your current account before we moved our overdraft customers onto APR pricing (which we were required to do as a result of a change to regulation).

If you message in the app we’ll be able to help you out.


thats fine i messaged in the app ill probs get a reply tomorrow. thanks for confirming. out of interest what is the new monzo apr limit

19%, 29% or 39% APR depending on your credit history. You can find out more here: https://monzo.com/i/overdrafts/

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perfect thank you. ill wait till they sort it to see my limit. is 1000 the max? thinking of switching banks but my hsbc has 2k and would be good if it can be matched

£1000 is the max

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Good Monzo response.

Could have sworn I remember someone saying their overdraft limit was higher than 1k not too long ago. Did they lower it again?

It’s been £500 for most of the pandemic, they recently increased it to £1,000.

If you had one before the pandemic, you could get up to £3,000, you kept that agreed limit through the pandemic.

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Well explained! Thank you!