Monzo Overdraft Fees

Just wanted to share my love of the overdraft fees, its allowing me to get on my feet after university whilst charging a fair amount (also love the bank so don’t mind paying the maximum of £14 a month). It’s so useful and easy to work out how much you’ll owe at the end of the month and it’s letting me spread my wage over a couple of other debts to pay them off quicker. I love it.


£15.50 is the maximum based on 31 day month :wink:


Even that beats santanders £10 a day and £150 charge they apply! - crazy what traditional banks charge. Also feel good paying interest to Monzo because I know its used to grow the company and not the bankers pockets haha, but even £15.50 a month is amazing in my opinion.

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Wow, how much? That’s horrific, I thought £1.50 a day with Barclays was criminal but that’s insane


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The fees with Santander are between £1-£3/day for your approved overdraft depending on the amount used; £6/day for unapproved overdraft; £10 fee for each paid/unpaid transaction; and the total unapproved + transaction fees is capped at £50/month.

I suppose if you were using £3000 of your approved overdraft + an unapproved overdraft + had some unpaid transaction fees you’d be looking at £93/month to use your approved overdraft + the others capped at £50, so £143/month. Which is insane, but it’s not £10/day (£310) + £150 = £460/month.

Note: This is the worst possible scenario, which I genuinely hope nobody is suffering through.


Just for comparison, HSBC charge 19.9% EAR with no fixed fee, which can actually work out very cheap (pennies per month) if you just need the overdraft as a safety buffer before payday, rather than a prolonged debt balance.

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I think the most i ever paid as a student for HSBC was £11 :smiley: