Overdraft label on home screen

Where facility approved!

I don’t understand what you’re suggesting. Can you do a mock-up?

Well the same as the old design which made it clear that the account had an approved overdraft facility- at the moment it’s rather hidden. Mock up beyond my capabilities I’m afraid!

As someone who doesn’t have a Monzo overdraft I don’t know what it looked like in the old design. :man_shrugging:

Taken from my wife’s personal account which hasn’t been migrated to the new UI!

Where is it in the new design? Haven’t been able to find it since the update!

Right, so you want it to say that there’s an overdraft (and how much) below the balance in a similar way to how it’s done on the old design. That makes sense.

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I believe if you’re into your overdraft it shows that instead of the left to spend amount which is how they’ve incorporated it into the new design.


Where can I find it in the new design?

I believe if you press your profile picture to see all your accounts/pots, there should a “manage overdraft” item at the bottom in amongst the create pots and loans and whatnot. I don’t have an overdraft (and monzo don’t want to offer me one) so can’t confirm this, but hopefully it should be there.

It’s moved to the manage button under the card

But once you’re using it, it displays on the home tab


The above is the correct answer.

Not sure why you’d need a permanent display of how much overdraft you have when you’re not using it?

To make sure I still have it before going overdrawn or needing to…

It was useful on the old UI although I much prefer now the new one

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They wont remove your overdraft facility without telling you first

Banks are no longer allowed to include any potential overdraft funds as part of your available balance. These are new rules around overdraft charging in general. This may be why Monzo have removed this type of view.