Overdraft Button

I know there is a thread on this already but it was locked very suddenly and didn’t allow any discussion.

So the overdraft button has gone. The help section doesn’t really answer the question originally asked as we used to have one, so Monzo had got to us.

No problem with why this is gone now but a little more information would be useful!

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This is a very rough guess here (it’s important not to speculate) but I’d imagine if the button has vanished you may no longer meet their eligibility requirements.
Due to the many variations that can effect this they can’t give an exact answer to people here on the forum.

If you want to know more I’d suggest contacting in app support who can look at your specific query.

That’s fine, I already knew I can’t have one - but if this is the case I’m confused why the thread was shut down so quickly before? Surely it’s an acceptable explanation that only those eligible will see the button?

I’m not crazy right? It’s not a top secret button?

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My guess is that it was closed as it was posted within the bug report section of the forum. Since the issue was resolved & it wasn’t a bug there was no need for the discussion to continue?

The removal of overdrafts has already been heavily discussed in another thread here on the forum.

Probably because it would lead to people discussing lending decisions and that never ends well here :see_no_evil:


I think it was probably worth a move of forum or “Hey this isn’t a bug we’ve changed the way we show this button due to XYZ”

Seems strange is all.

True. And I don’t mean to start any discussion regarding eligibility. I’m not and that’s really not the issue here.

Well not that this is an issue, I just noticed it and wanted to know what’s happened. Came on to find a thread shut down instantly.

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I can see how it might be confusing:
“you might be able to see…tap to find out whether you’re eligible”

So the options are:

  • No Button
  • Button / Not eligible
  • Button / Eligible
  • Button / Active

But it could be some A/B testing whether to show the button if you are not eligible?


Yeah it could just be a matter of updating the help section wording.

It strikes me as odd that the help text was quoted by Monzo as being clear and answering the question. When to me it doesn’t in the slightest.

Hi all, thanks for reporting this. I’ll get some more information for you about what’s going on here, and get back shortly.


Cheers :beers: :sunglasses:

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Sorry, it looks like there was a bug here and the option wasn’t showing. It should be fixed in the next release (2.9.0) for everyone, whether you’re eligible or not. If you’re not eligible, the application flow will tell you why not.


Well, actually…


Think you might need to change the response when someone posted in the bug forum. Since it actually is a bug!

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