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Hi Everyone,
I run a charity that delivers careers education and outreach to deprived schools in the UK. One of the main things we do is run careers days with firms in finance/law/professional services. Does anyone know who would be the best person to speak to at Monzo about this, and inviting them to one of these days?


Hello and welcome :wave: Sounds like an interesting initiative - I’m not Monzo but it’d be interesting to hear a bit more about your charity!

Monzo has grown so much recently it’s quite difficult to find the right person sometimes. That said, staff do check in and hopefully someone will be along soon :crossed_fingers:

I guess their public relations department would be best. Worth a shot :slight_smile:

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Hi Peter, Thank you for taking an interest!

The charity is called Channels. Here is our (Work in Progress) website www.ChannelsCharity.co.uk

Without going into tons of detail about the data, we find that of two kids from similar backgrounds, where one lives in London, and one lives in the east midlands, the kid from London does significantly better in accessing professional careers.

There are so many reasons for this, but the ones we as a charity focus on are:

  • A lack of expoure to eltie professions outside of London. Very few of the top banks or law firms have offices outside of London. The professional services industry is better for it but still not where it could be. This measn a lot of students barely know these professions exist. How can they access them if they dont know the opportunities exist.

  • A lack of HE outreach. Unfortunately, while the city is getting better, its still dominated by Oxbridge and London Graduates. Oxbridge puts students off because its too elitist. London because its too expensive. We want to dispel both of these myths.

  • A lack of confidence. If these companies never come to your school, or to your university, you get the impression that they’re not interested in you. That’s not true, but it shakes your confidence. We hope that by connecting firms to these schools we start to boost the students confidence, and affirm that a career in the city can be for them if they want it.

To address these issues, we pick elite banks, universities consultancies, accounting and law firms and bring them into schools in these ‘coldspots’. We put on a career fair, give ‘day in the life’ workshops, CV & Cover Letter guidance, and eventually hope to run a mentoring scheme.

Thats a very whistle stop tour, and yet it still ended up stupidly long. Kudos to you if you got this far! Thank you for reading!