Monzo at Freshers Fairs

Probably a bit late for this year, but I wondered if you guys had talked about hitting the freshers fairs etc to advertise Monzo? I see you did London Pride, but wondered if you are branching out to other events as well?


They have done student stuff in the past not seen anything lately though

Ah, cool. I just walked past the Freshers Fair in Bristol the other day and the amount of students was insane!

As a side note, been trying to persuade more people at work to sign up. Having to use other peoples referral codes as I don’t get the incentive :thinking:

I’ve seen some adverts that people have posted here to get students to sign up recently. All part of their trials to the use growrh.

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I think Monzo should definitely team up with a university, particularly those with a high volume of international students. The amount of faff needed to open a legacy bank account (especially if we have to wait a month to prove our address) is… ridiculous.