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Me, as a international student in the UK found Monzo is really the best bank app for me. And it’s also the best bank app I ever used.

However, I am thinking maybe the team could have a look at the international student market. We need a current account, we got money and cash, no need for credit card or loan. The traditional bank are not suit for us, we really need Monzo.

There are huge advantage for Monzo to marketing in the international students. First of all, it’s easy to open an account. Monzo don’t have a branch, and students are more open to the fin-tech, it fit the fact that we, students, hate go branch.

And it could benefit Monzo too. We got money, and we are the forgotten segment. Traditional bank can’t make profit on us, cause it’s hard for us to have credit card or loan. But for Monzo, it’s different.


Totally agree with this @sunrunchen - At one of our events, one of our users showed me his blog where he wrote articles about Monzo in Chinese, for the benefit of Chinese students here.

What do you think would be the best way for us to reach out to these demographics?


Every uni has Freshers fair every Sept/Oct. Monzo should be giving out cards to everyone at 150 unis each year.

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Totally agree with this. I work for a global company, and in our Manchester office service all of Northern Europe. On a monthly basis we have international employees join us from all over the world, full time, interns, projects, infact we have over 24 nationalities in our office at any given time

The problem they face is, during their move over to Manchester, our HR team helps them find a place, hotels whilst they are here and looking for an apartment - the biggest issue they always complain about is setting up a bank account when they get here. They need to go to a bank appointment, and then struggle setting up an account because they don’t have a UK history etc, HR then have to write a letter to the bank with their employment details on.

I was thinking of going to HR, and telling them that during the assistance phase, we should be pushing monzo on them. It’s easy to register. Card arrives quickly, it’s one of the best banking apps and they don’t have to worry about going to the bank during an already stressful time. I mean, we’re talking about roughly 200+ people a year we could push to Monzo… And that’s just in the UK… Every office in over 120+ countries do the same thing when it comes to international workers… That’s a lot of business for Monzo :wink:

So whilst it sounds stupid, you should target HR teams for global companies that have HQs on the UK. Being in London, you guys shouldn’t have an issue locating a few of those…


I really like this idea. I understand that Monzo can issue nameless cards so what better way than just giving them out (sealed envelopes etc for security) with easy activation in app. Optional issue of named cards if required. Really reduces friction.


That’s a good way, since I have written blog in Chinese about Monzo too. But to be honestly, I don’t think this will be the best way.

If we talking about marketing in Chinese student, I suggest we have some social network account in Chinese social media, since most of Chinese can’t access Facebook or Twitter in our country.

And I agree with @Tomyes , giving flyes could be a great idea too. And maybe Monzo can have some gift for students?

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