Outage - 12th July 2018 (UPDATE - Resolved as of 7pm)

(Simon B) #21

Mastercard are saying the issue is resolved :+1:

(Allie) #22

Item 5

Also, for the reason I’m opposed, you’ll note those with the most experience note the requirements go against industry best practices:


Let’s do contactless like it’s 2008, everyone! Winners are Google and Apple, though…

P.S. this should probably get moved to a PSD2 thread… I only meant is as an aside for why this was a good example that physical contactless cards still have value, despite new regulation being likely to kill them off at least in the long term (short term, they may use some redefining of the ‘withdrawal limit exceeded’ response or they may just accept they’ll behave like old contactless cards did).

(Peter G) #23

Good spot. I didn’t realise that this had been snuck into PSD2 (and I must be out of the loop anyway, I thought we were already at final draft stage).

It seems a bit odd and self defeating - will have to read up…

(More generally, I wish regulators would publish what outcome they’re aiming for - you end up seeing the measures and quite often scratching your head going “what are they trying to achieve by that?!”)

Edit: that’s a good response from the European Card Payment Association you link to there, @Merkitten

(Lancelot Payne) #24

Literally went down the road not long ago must of just avoided it good to know it has been sorted though ^.^

(Stephen Brinda) #25

Thanks for keeping us in the loop…wonder why Monzo use visa instead?

(Allie) #26

Well, I assume you mean why they don’t use Visa… I can’t speak for Monzo. But as a customer I love Mastercard’s better exchange rate. And Visa had a major outage a few weeks ago.

What would be awesome is a relationship with multiple networks so we could have, say, Mastercard, Maestro, Diner’s Club, Visa and UnionPay cards all on one account (including virtual in Google Pay/Apple Pay). Pretty please, Monzo? Especially Diner’s Club and Maestro…

(Jack) #27

I remember a Monzo post on this forum a while back. The reason they went with MasterCard was that when they tried to speak with both parties MasterCard was much more approachable and happy to discus / help. Whereas it was more difficult to start the same process / discussions with Visa.

(Stephen Brinda) #28

Thanks…that’s what I meant, thanks for replying