Our upcoming Brand Campaign! [Scavenger hunt live 👀 🎁]

I think so, but the white edges ruin the effect.


Can I post a photo of my radio every day, or would that be cheating? :grin:


I had a look at today’s FT but no wrap on the outside of it.

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I guess it’s rounded so it vaguely resembles a Monzo card?

I thought it was more to do with the connotations and the feelings one might associate with sharp angled corners as opposed to the softer more rounded edges.

It matches the general tone of money feels bad Monzo feels good that they’ve gone with. I think it really needs borders to work properly though, otherwise it looks like an error.


I think it is purposely designed to look like a Monzo card. Trouble is, the ratio looks 1:1, not rectangular, like a debit card :person_shrugging:

It was quite fun, looking for the ads. Helped me kill a bit of time between food and show, without spending it all indoors in a pub.

Checked the bus interchange, around Moor Street, and no obvious sign that this campaign has spread to buses, be it the sides or the rear of a bus. Or maybe I was just unlucky on the eleven double deckers I saw.

Looking at those billboards, I noticed that the difference in the letters of money and monzo is EZ, Yo.

I don’t think I have a future in advertising.

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Just seen the new Monzo ad during the break in Loose Women on ITV



Ive seen the adverts on TV and listened on radio a few times. I do like them, but I dont think they are particularly unique. Just the same sort of thing that banks have been doing for ages. The general message “we make money easy” has been done time and time again.

Saw it in Newcastle earlier on the Digital Sign at Swan House but as I was driving there was no chance to take a photo

Looked fine but the white edges on a massive screen stood out like a sore thumb

For a split second I thought you’d paused the ad and were holding the head massager thing!


Wohoo! I believe a box has arrived for me I am not expecting :crossed_fingers:


:rofl::rofl: Still from a short video I took :grinning:

See, the rounded corners aren’t on here. So the lack of consistency also makes it feel like the digital posters contain a mistake.

Spotted one

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Saw this by old street last night. Hadn’t see this post but took a snap anyway. This was the second go round. The first had a different image at the top.



It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a copy of the FT. How long has it been that size?

Were you expecting it bigger? Or smaller? :eyes:

Bigger. The last time I saw one held up it was proper broadsheet size.

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