Do you use Monzo Business? Would you like to share your story in some Monzo ads?

Hey folks! :wave:

It’s great to be back chatting with y’all :sunshine: :sunshine: :sunshine:

Now that the summer’s over and our lovely neon cards are a warm, sunny memory, I’ve started work on a new project and I’d love your help!

We’re going to be running a marketing campaign for Monzo Business in the New Year, and as part of that, we’d like to chat with folks who use Monzo Business and potentially come to visit them in their space, have a chat, and take some photos and videos (which you’ll be able to use too!).

The focus of the campaign will be very much on the person behind the business and sharing their experience being a freelancer, a self employed person, online-or-offline shop owner, consultants, therapists, property managers – basically anyone running their own gig either full or part time, and using Monzo Business.

We want to raise awareness of Monzo Business amongst small, micro businesses – so those people are what this campaign will be all about. Our main goal is to celebrate the businesses that traditional marketing campaigns ignore.

If you think you fit the bill, or know someone who might, please do DM me and I can tell you more about the process. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to feature everyone as we have a limited budget, but I’d love to chat with as many of you as possible!

Hope you’re all doing well – especially @Revels – because I haven’t been photoshopped in ages :wink:


We did use it (the side hustle is being wound down currently) so I’m not sure I’d be the best candidate for this but what I’d say is that the whole experience was really great. Setting up, using tax pots and also integrating with square was super easy.

It did what I needed it to do.


I’ve a feeling this one will backfire when whatever ad launches. Hopefully I’ll be wrong… Will be watching :eyes: