Our new ads (April 2019)

Congratulations to @hugoamvieira and @Bruce who, within minutes of each other, were the first to post some of our new tube ads. There are more, btw!

We’ll be providing our own pics soon, so this will be the official thread for discussion and your thoughts :grinning:


Waits patiently for them all to be posted!


“You make Monzo, Monzo”

That’s new


Ooo I like the style you’ve gone for, it gives the card a personality. Nice work monzo!

I wonder how many iterations there are :thinking:… I guess we will find out soon enough.

I’m in London next week for work so I’ll keep an eye out :eyes: :camera: .

Saying that I’m sure they will appear outside of London soon… or so I’d like to think.


Like the ads but really don’t like the tag line/slogan


Interesting approach - are these in all tube carriages across all lines?

Will they just be limited to the tube or do you plan on using them elsewhere?

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What is everyones obsession with only doing things in London :weary:



To be fair, I think the data they discussed at the Monzo open office talk suggested that the Manchester ads they’d tried hadn’t paid off at all (in contrast to the initial attempt at tube advertising in London)

There’s lots of people so 1 ad will be seen by more people than 30 ads in Cornwall :woman_shrugging:


That’s the justification for it? :rofl: :wink:

There are lots of people in other cities too :smiley:

I like it as it’s true in its basic form. The monzo community help shape the product.

Although I still like: “Monzo makes money work for everyone” .

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As many as there are in London? You’ve got to start somewhere and last time the ads were in Manchester as well (probably more but not near me so I tuned out)


Thinking about the actual wording:

  • Will customers see a difference between separate savings accounts they can open (albeit over a matter of days, with some paperwork) with their high street banks and savings pots as mentioned in the ad?
  • Are instant notifications still a differentiator?

When people don’t think anything outside of London exists, that is irritating. But, honestly, it’s by far the biggest population centre in the UK – almost twice as many people as the whole of Scotland. So why wouldn’t you start there with advertising? Go for the biggest return.


These adverts remind me of something but I can’t remember what …
EDIT:For some odd reason they remind me of the old animated TSB adverts


Yeah, really nice style. Like a modern version of the classic tube posters from the 1930s.

Got any examples?

Yes. Waiting for contactless payments to come through in my ‘pending transactions’ on my old Halifax Current Account was a right pain.

Also love to feel the vibration in my pocket when I’m paying by card in a shop. Makes me know a payment went through before even the terminal tells me.


Not exactly the same, but for some reason the Monzo ads remind me of this sort of poster, but I did say “modern version”! :slightly_smiling_face:


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I get what you mean now I see it.

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