Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

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(MikeF) #23

So just punish everyone who doesn’t think the right way? That’s a bit extreme if you ask me.


Some of these suggestions are crazy, and to think we’re in the UK as well, not a dictatorship!!

Cheques will phase out in time, as the folks who grew up with the internet age. It really is as simple as that. I don’t see the point in anyone trying to force it.

Being self employed, I prefer to be paid via bank transfer. However, when I go and see Mavis, who is elderly, I will accept a cheque because that is how she wants to pay me. Yes it’s a slight annoyance but she’s not comfortable with online banking, and feels cheques are more secure.


I have this image of a kindly old relative giving you a cheque, or maybe book token, and you cuffing them around the face whilst telling them about the advantages of monzo.me!!


I’m due 5 cheques over the next 10 months for cashback on my mobile phone contract. They obviously think some won’t bother, some won’t pay them in, etc so they stick using cheques so looking forward to this.

(Joe) #27

I would love to see when you can cash a cheque through Monzo a “future” feed item saying something like:

> Tomorrow

Cheque from DWP      +£100

Until it’s available and it appears as normal

(Jack) #28

I reckon this will 100% be on their plans if they are looking to do this for DD and bills as previously mentioned,

(Andy) #29

I have not seen a cheque in over 10 years.

(Jack) #30

Personally I can’t remember the last time I had one, probably over a year ago, maybe a refund from HMRC?

My mother gets half a douzen a year though.

(Richard) #31

Get a minimum of 4 a year.

Annoyingly my office relocated closer to a branch of my bank… then they closed it down.

Image clearing processing for cheques can’t come quick enough…

(Ross Macmillan) #32

As the cheque is an instruction to deposit to a sort code and account number, you could just get the issuing authority to bank transfer it into a Monzo account, negating the need to post the cheque, then scan it in and then have it cleared. Still ripe for further innovation I think.

(MikeF) #33

The thought of “just getting” the likes of HMRC (for example) to do anything feels quite unlikely! :exploding_head:

(Ben) #34

What is this black magic?! An image can be exchanged for real money?!

I was always taught as a kid that cheques are super precious and I must be careful with them. Like some enchanted magic paper. It sounds really crazy that you can just take a photo and get money out of it. Witchcraft!

Next you’ll tell me I can take photo of a £20 note and that will also appear in my account!


That is due out on the 1st of April next year!

(Ben) #36

Ahh yes, I knew that technology wouldn’t quite be here yet! Will eagerly await the launch next year.

(Bruce) #37

These forums have totally changed my viewpoint on cheques… very easy to forget the wider population.

I’m desperate for this functionality, I’ve got a pocket full of cheques from unsuccessful kickstarters to dividends…

Pay via post is a great start, but I’ve now decided I’m too busy for a post office let alone a bank (first world problems lol)

(Jack) #38

Looks like Lloyds are now allowing cheques up to £500 to be deposited via an image through their app!

(Jack) #39

Strange that they are only talking about it now. They launched that a few months ago, used it once or twice already.

(Jack) #40

Oh really? Not heard about this feature from Lloyds before…


Halifax (which I believe is part of Lloyds somehow) has had it for a while now too. It’s just hidden away in a pretty over the top UI, amongst a load of offers for credit and mortgages.

I’ve never used it, I think I’ve only ever had one cheque though.