Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

(Jack) #42

Yeah it’s strange they are now promoting it, maybe they quietly launched it a while back to see how it wenbt before blagging

(Jack) #43

Yeah that would make sense, how was the process? Did it work smoothly? (Just out of curiosity :slight_smile:)

(Jack) #44

Yeah great actually! The only issue I came across was if you accidentally try to scan a cheque in before the date written on it. It won’t let you scan it again, you have to take it to a branch to deposit :frowning:

The process is as simple as it mentions in the app update.

(Jack) #45

To note I’ve used it with Halifax also, they’ve had it since autumn last year I think? it’s basically the same app just different theme.

I’ve also used it with B bank and again it’s basically the same process.

(Jack) #46

That doesn’t sound like Lloyds/Halifax lol!

Ahh that’s great, thanks for sharing. Might be able to use Lloyds (on the rare occasion I get a cheque) and transfer in to Monzo until their own process is working then.

(Jack) #47

That’s all I use my Lloyds account for now along with putting cash in.

(Jon Crozier) #48

I know the guys at Monzo have already mentioned this, but if you want to be sure your cheque arrives, send it recorded delivery.

I had sent my cheque in a couple of weeks ago now to Freepost Monzo but unfortunately, it never arrived at Monzo HQ :sob:

It was only £12, so not a huge loss. Fault lies with Royal Mail and not Monzo obviously. (Maybe me as well for forgetting a cheque is still actually real money :smile:)

(Kevyn) #49

I tend to write Monzo’s full City Road address, as well as the freepost and not had issues yet. That being said, @Jon11a is right, if you want to deposit a large cheque in Monzo, I would track it.

(Harry) #50

That sucks, I sent a cheque for a couple of hundred and sent it recorded! Cost just over a £1 but worth it.

(Dylan) #51

A new feature has been added to the Lloyds Bank app, You’re able to deposit a cheque up to £500 by scanning the cheque using the camera on the phone it uses the FastCheque API to verify the cheque and the money is in your account instantly!! Here are screen shots of the Demo : imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

(Jack) #52

Monzo have said they are hoping to do this also in the future :clap:t3: I’ve used it myself with Halifax and it’s great!
It was brought up on some other threads somewhere :slight_smile: it may be best to merge this with that discussion to keep it all in one place? @Rat_au_van

(Dylan) #53

Thanks for that :grinning:

(Simon Burton) #54

Hi, do you have any plans to allow cheques to be paid-in by photograph?


Yep it’s coming… They’re working on it !

(Scott Jordan ) #56

Maybe that’s the way we’ll be able to deposit cash as well :joy:

As in take a pic of the money


They’re looking into a few different routes for cash pay-ins with it being something they want to offer soon ! :slight_smile:


What kind of options are being looked at for cash?

(Andy) #59

No firm details yet but check out this post which has a outputs from a recent survey and some of Monzo’s thinking:


Thanks! It’ll be interesting to hear what their ideas are

(Oliver Collins) #61

My other banking app has introduced the facility of paying in cheques through the app by taking an image of it up to the value of £500.

This would be a fantastic feature here and would help sway me to switch my main account over as I pay in a fair few cheques over the year!