Hot Coral Comments

What’s one of the things that makes :monzo: Monzo literally stand out from the crowd? Hot coral of course! :sunglasses:

What comments have you received from others about your :mondo: Monzo card and have you upselled Monzo as a result of it?

My favourite one has to be…

Shopkeeper: Jesus Christ you wouldn’t lose that in the dark!

Me: Well I’ve thought of that and have this…
-Shows First Direct black card-



It happens almost every transaction. One time in Specsavers, the person serving me pointed out how bright it was and was discussing with a colleague if it was pink or orange. I told them it’s officially hot coral :joy:

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So many times, especially in the US where folks will always start a conversation. And of course, I always tell them all about it!

Usually it was a variant “Wow that card is awesome/bright/cool/interesting” :blush:


I always find it funny when you’re splitting a bill. You each put your card with the bill and the server charges the cards one by one. When it comes to the Monzo card, they automatically offer the PIN terminal to one of the women in the party…


Re-posting this from another thread:

I was serving a customer and I noticed their card bright orange which sparked a conversation and they told me all about Monzo. When I got home though and wanted to look into it I couldn’t remember the name of the bank so I just googled for ‘bright orange bank card’ and Monzo was the first result.

So without the brightly coloured card I (probably) would never have found Monzo.
The next time that person comes in to my work I’m definitely going to thank them too

Of course I have since learned it is known as hot coral and I always get comments asking me what sort of bank card it is.
I always love spotting other people using it in the wild, I always have to show them I have one too. :mondo:


A shopkeeper said: “Wow, that’s fluorescent!”

I thought “How cool would that be!”


I read something about glow in the dark cards recently…

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Just checking, as I seem to recall that you live in NI too - wasn’t a tall, blonde, male with a mixed NI-England accent that you were serving was it? :joy:

I’ve had a few baristas, bartenders and cashiers remark on it and I think I’ve had a few of them actually seem interested in signing up - should really carry round business cards with monzo’s info + my golden ticket URI on them :rofl:


My colleague used his when we were in the US late last year, the waitress said she’d seen one previously that day too.

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I’ve seen them abroad quote a lot, too. In a number of hostels in South America, especially.

I probably see at least one every day and I think it’s at the point now where most people know what it is.

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Spoke to a colleague the other day about all the benefits Monzo has to offer. Surprisingly one of the things that sold them was the card! :star_struck:

Fairly tragic when the team at Monzo have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into producing a groundbreaking product, only to have the colour of the card be the key factor for a consumer.


Not the key factor, I said ‘one’ of the things :wink:

Maybe a bit, but probably less tragic than few people using it :slight_smile:


In my experience the Hot Coral colour of the card helps as an attention grabber, then you get into the no ForEx fees, no more “guessing your balance” (big seller for students), instant notifications and that’s what sells people.

If I’ve a bit more time I’ll get into Monzo’s transparency and mission.

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‘You’re a bit old for a Monzo account, aren’t you’


Haha. I am a bit old for a Monzo account, but I’ve never heard that :joy:


Never too old: I got my 51 year old Dad onboard on Christmas Eve, and he’s loving it :smiley:


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