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does the new Current Account app run on iOS 9.3.5 (iPhone 4S) ?


Yes. It requires iOS 9.0 or later.


Oh my! Does a 4S still work? How’s the battery life?


Yep. Have two of them and better battery life than larger models. Just use them for banking as use a Windows mobile for everything else.


Impressive. The battery will be self degrading by now though.


I had ten boxes of the iPhone so just replaced them each time they got scratched or damaged. Sold 4 of them earlier this year and now down to my last 2. Will replace them with Android once they worn out.

(Marta) #7

Welcome to the dark side (soon), :smiling_imp:! We have cookies, customisation, 200,000 more apps, custom ROMs and battery life 75% at the end of the day (based on my OP2).

I’m totally not trying to start Android vs iOS war.

(Hugh) #8

No need, Android wins by default :smiling_imp:


This is typical of the differences

(Kevyn) #10

It also works on the iOS 11 development preview.

(Hugh) #11

Is actually complete BS… https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.androidcentral.com/vic-gundotra-wrong-about-android-photography%3Famp

Android have consistently outperformed iPhone cameras and many of the features the iPhone boasts were pioneered by Android. Also, some of it just doesn’t make sense… Android is OSS so phone companies can (and do!) make their own forks and implement their own APIs.


My Lumia has 41 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilisation and amazing high-resolution zoom, iPhone just does not compete


It also doesn’t have a lens with sufficient resolving power to make use of 41MP. Even high quality SLR glass barely has enough resolving power for that. So its just specmanship.

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Vic Gundotra is really wrong with that statement. I mean, really. Even the most ardent Apple fanboys I know have to admit that the Pixel camera is better than the iPhone 7, and the Nexus 6P camera was better than the 6S (I have both, use both, and this is very much my experience).

David Ruddock from AndroidPolice summed it up pretty well with this tweet :

Former Executive At Company: Company Not Doing Thing Right, If Only I Was There To Tell Them


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Ouch. That quote is pretty damming :fire:

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The end of iOS 9 support is discussed here: