Option to not enter pin?


I’m finding it increasingly annoying that I’m constantly asked to enter my pin for small touch payments on my card. Especially now we’re not really meant to be touching payment machines!

My Barclays account never asks for a pin for touch payments. Surely this could be some kind of an option?! (And yes I know it’s for safety and security - it’s just that 9 times out of 10 I’ll just get out another card and use that - which I’m sure Monzo don’t want me to do)

There is an option. You can approve the transaction in app (apparently; I always use Apple Pay, so haven’t come across this yet).

Hi, I meant an option to never ask me for a pin.

If I slap my card down to pay for some 80p chewing gum - I don’t want to suddenly have to get my phone out or enter a pin. It’s silly a I understand for large payments, but for small touch payments it should never ask (other banks don’t)

You have to use your pin when you reach £250 in total. You can see the limit in the app.

Unfortunately this is the law now and not a decision made by Monzo.

Every bank has to reauthenticate regularly now by PIN - to reduce contactless fraud across the industry.

More here: https://monzo.com/blog/2019/09/11/strong-customer-authentication-using-chip-and-pin


Thanks for the information. That’s very disappointing as it makes for a much more annoying experience

Pay via Google/Apple pay and you won’t have to enter your pin every so often


i’m pretty sure if it was the other way around that you loose your card and someone used it with no restrictions, you would of probably said they should of have asked for the pin

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I’m still continuously being asked to enter my pin after trying to use touch payments.

I’ve been told before that this is ‘law’ and it’s needed after you spend X amount. But my Barclays direct debit card NEVER does this. Are they breaking the law or is this an unnecessary feature By monzo?

Especially during Covid we shouldn’t be forced to touch keypads!


I think you asked the same thing 2 months ago didn’t you?

Hope that thread answers your question :+1:

I’ve no idea how Barclays have implemented it, but Monzo aren’t doing it unnecessarily.


Barclays have also acknowledged PSD2 - https://www.barclayscorporate.com/insights/regulations/psd2/faqs/

So why doesn’t their card force me to use chip and pin? Ever. Guess they must be breaking the law

Good job I keep my Barclays card at hand. It’s getting a lot more use lately

If you use your phone to pay (Apple Pay or Google Pay), you won’t be forced to enter your PIN or touch any keypads.

I may have to start doing that. Thanks

You were told the same advice 2 months ago, weird you’ve not changed your habits in that time :man_shrugging:


All banks do this now.

Whenever you spent a total of £100 through contactless (could be over several days) you will be asked to enter your PIN.

There cannot be an option to remove it as it’s law.

But Barclays doesn’t! I’ve not once ever had to enter a pin for a touch payments for Barclays

. I like monzo more than Barclays I really do. But when things become just annoying like this, it’s not helpful.

They do. Someone gave you the link just a few posts up :see_no_evil:

Do you, at any point, use your Barclays card with chip & pin in between using it with contactless? Or is every payment under £45 & contactless?

Everything’s contactless with my Barclays card. I don’t ever use it really - the only time I do is when monzo requires me to enter a pin.

I’m not meaning to be awkward, really I’m not. If someone could help me figure out why this is that would be much appreciated