Option to hide emoji on Monzo Community? 👀

I don’t have anything against people using emoji, I use emoji myself, however sometimes there are so many emojis used that it becomes more difficult to read what they’re trying to say :S (not naming names!) Is there any way I can hide emojis on my account?


I’m afraid not! I don’t even see an idea request on the discourse forum for it (the company that makes this forum software)

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Thanks! If it’s not possible for Monzo to add it to their Discourse set up, I might request it over on Discourse’s forum

You hoping to see : ) instead :slight_smile: ?

Or just straight up remove them?

Straight up hide them. The usage that is distracting me is multiple emojis in between sentences, breaking up the sentence flow.

I think I need to lie down

Emojis can be used to add context as well as breaking up text. First time I’ve seen someone request this on any forum


I haven’t had this issue anywhere else, just certain people here put emojis practically after every other word… it’s just a small request, no need to be mad :clown_face:

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I wasn’t mad but without using emojis it certainly looked like that, didn’t it? Kind of backs my point that by hiding emojis you would lose that context


Does this not make it a lil harder for you to read?

Emojis can be used to add context 🙆 as well as breaking up text 🙅 First :1st_place_medal: time I’ve seen someone request this on any forum :alien:

In that case yes because I’m trying to figure out why anyone would use those emojis :joy:

But no, I just read the words and not the emojis generally :woman_shrugging:

The problem with that statement is that the emojiis have been over used to emphasise a point that you can use emojiis for context.

:joy: each to their own. That’s why I’m asking for an option rather than an 🙅 outright :name_badge: emoji :poop: ban

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100% nothing against this particular user… just makes it harder for me to read especially in longer block

Anyway it’s not that important, this was primarily just to see if such a feature was in Discourse

Treat them like a full stop or comma and it flows nicely :+1:

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any way to replace them with full stops? :smirk:



Haha sorry :laughing:

Have you tried looking for a chrome extension or something?


No but that’s a great idea :slight_smile:

Can’t believe :scream: this request. I wonder :thinking: how big an :warning: issue it is for :face_with_monocle: readability.