Option to freeze/ change certain categories for a period of time


While on holidays and using Monzo card I had to change every category manually to “Holidays”. So I would make the suggestion - in case you are on “holidays” or on a “business trip” - to have a possibility to set all daily withdraws or Monzo card uses permanently for pre-set amount of time either to “holidays” or “expenses”. This should exclude all standing orders and permanent bills of course. Monzo notices anyway already when you are abroad so why not including such a feature?

(Eve) #2

Don’t they already do this? When you first enter a country this pops up

And you can adjust accordingly.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I’m guessing that you’re an Android user? This hasn’t been launched for that app yet (presumably this functionality’s covered by this card on the roadmap) but on iOS, users have exactly the option that you’ve described (as Eve’s shown) :heart_eyes:

Obviously Monzo knows when you’ve arrived back in the UK & reverts to the normal categorisation then.


No, I’m iOS user. Unfortunately I’ve never scrolled the screen up! :flushed: Sorry for that! My mistake!

(Jolin) #5

The issue that I have is that I go on plenty of holidays in the UK. Given that as part of KYC, Monzo has our home address, couldn’t we have the holidays/expenses auto-categorisation offered to is if we are X miles from home? Or some way of manually enabling for a period of time as @bogibo suggested?

Creating ‘moments’ of spending data / comparison

I am on Android and hope when it comes it will just be an option. I don’t want anything categorised as holiday when I travel and to have to change everything to groceries and entertainment manually will be a pain

(Alex Sherwood) #7

It is just an option on iOS :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Tom’s a fan of that idea :slight_smile:

Creating ‘moments’ of spending data / comparison