Opening Limited company bank account

I wanted to open a limited company bank account but I think I mistakenly selected the mono bank account and now I can’t go back to select the limited company account it is pushing me to continue with the selected mono bank accounts. What should i do to correct that

What do you mean by “mono”? Personal account, or sole trader account, or business account?

Note to open business account with Monzo, one first needs a personal account too.

Open monzo personal then within app open monzo business is an option.

Not sure there is a way to remove the chosen method in sign up until it’s complete.

Thanks very much for your help. However, my Monzo app is also stuck in that one position when I open the app it goes straight to where I left to continue with the opening the business bank account. I want to go back to the starting point so I can select the correct bank account but there is no backwards facility. I have turned off my phone but when I turn it on it’s still stuck in one position

You can’t go back, I’m not sure why, but whenever this comes up, the answer is the same.

You’ll need to email and wait (a fair while) for a reply.

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I’m very sorry, I wanted to write sole trader accounts. I do have Monzo personal bank account. The only problem is selected the sole trader account instead of limited account and I want to go back and start afresh and choose the correct one but it is not giving me that choice. There is no facility for going back to delete

Contact support in the app, by searching for contact support. And ask them to reset the in progress application.

You may have to delete the app, then redownload and install.