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I am a doctor. I will start my work in UK this month. I tried to open monzo account through application to get the card, however it the process did not complete. I do not know what to do, any help.

Contact Monzo at

You need to be a U.K. resident to have a Monzo account. Are you?

I will pick up my brp after 2 weeks.

Many people have been unsuccessful in opening a Monzo account shortly after arriving to the UK possibly due to a lack of address history/credit file.

You might be better off going to a traditional bank at first

Like @ndrw said, it might be better to get address history in the UK first and then try Monzo in the future :slight_smile:

The email address I gave will be able to offer you guidance, then. But, as others have said, you may be better off with a high street bank to start with.

So Monzo are liars and better to go with High Street bank?

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I don’t think they’re liars but they certainly had to restrict their criteria as the FCA were looking into them. There certainly are many reports on the forum from people in your situation

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I think in the 2 years since Monzo published that article a lot has changed. They need to make money and it’s possible as a result they have chosen to become less risk adverse.

That said the bank that set out to make money work for everyone does seem to be having trouble living up it in certain areas

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If you’re coming from the EEA, try Monese.

So then they have to remove this article.
It states you need UK address just to get a card:

“You’ll need a UK address where we can send your debit card, and then you’re good to go.”

Just try Monese or Revolut maybe. As I know Lloyd’s Bank will be able to open account as well without history

Why do they have to remove this article? It states what’s required. The OP says he’ll have his BRP in a couple of weeks, which will satisfy the ID criteria - but he doesn’t have it yet. If he also has a UK address, at that point he can try the application process.

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Well done you’ve pointed out that the article is correct, why would it need removing 🤦