Opening a deputy account

Hello - I have recently been appointed by the Court of Protection as a deputy for my son’s financial affairs. Is there a way to open a Monzo account for a person who is non-verbal and can’t open the account in the usual way? I think a Monzo account would be useful as I would get real time alerts regarding his spending when he is out with carers and also be able to keep very accurate records for the Court. Thanks for any help.


Not something that’s come up before

Probably best to contact but it can take 2 or 3 days for a reply

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Is there a direct email for the vunerable customer team, would be quicker to go direct to them.

Also if I remember correctly sign language during sign up is ok, if that’s an option. (Not too sure about that though)

Thanks - I will try that way :+1:


Makaton sign would work but My son would need to be prompted so this might not be acceptable. I will post back when I get it figured out. Thanks for the help.


Hi Nicky,

Hope you get something figured out, and if you do an update here would be great resource for others in the future.

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