Open Office September - Views my own?

This will be an interesting one! Would be great for some of you join us and join in

Streaming here from 7pm on Tuesday 25th September


I’ve signed up

A reminder that our Open Office panel on social media and the workplace is happening next week! We’ll be exploring how much companies should care about – and have power over – the social media accounts of their employees.

Please do RSVP if you’re in London and would like to come — we’ve just about sold out our first run of tickets but will release more this afternoon.

We’re lucky to have a great panel lined up: journalist and front end developer Carl Anka, tech and lifestyle writer and Gadgette founder Holly Brockwell, social media consultant Jemima Gibbons, and Monzo’s own Frances Coyle, from our Legal and Compliance team. Also, @cookywook will be hosting! :grin:

If you aren’t in London or otherwise able to attend, worry not! There are lots of ways to get involved:

  • We’ll have a livestream of the event that you can watch during (or after)
  • We’ll be asking you on Twitter to submit questions on the day
  • We’re hoping to keep the discussion going on the forum, so keep your eyes peeled :eyes:

Who’s coming? Looking forward to seeing you there!


This is linking to is that right?

Nope, meant to link to the event page! Thanks for catching that one @anon72173902 :sweat_smile: