Open Office: March - our first panel!

If you haven’t seen it yet, the new open office details are up on the community page: :tada:

We’re trying something new this time around with our first panel.

The panel:
@zancler, Designer at Monzo
Helen Undy, Head of External Affairs at Money and Mental Health Policy Institute
Eliot Hill, Senior Interaction Designer at the Home Office
Aidan Crawley, Founder of

Led by @StuartM, Head of Financial Difficulties at Monzo


hopefully streamed live ? be nice to get voice confirmation of POS amounts for partially sighted / blind as a toggle on / off choice in the app :slight_smile:

You can achieve this already on iOS (and I assume Android somewhere) with VoiceOver. There’s also an option to always read notifications, no matter what is going on.


thanks Richard didn’t realise this was already poss .

Hi Zainab,

I have seen this Open Office event for April but there are no tickets available on eventbrite. Does it mean that it’s full and it’s no longer possible to attend?