How to get a business account

Hello, I am waiting a business account, I initially clicked on the business account set up, I went through the set up and security checks, when it came to add a name to the card it wouldn’t let me add anything other then my personal name, It also hasn’t asked for any business details, I now seem to have a personal account, how to I get s business account


You need to apply for a business account. You must have clicked on the personal account option.

I don’t think you need a personal account to get a business account, like with joint accounts.

I wonder if there’s an issue with the workflow because my Dad has exactly the same issue. Clicked for a Business Account, thought he was applying for a Business Account and ended up applying for a Personal Account.

He’s since added a Business Account.

I’m not saying that he definitely didn’t do something wrong but interesting that multiple users are coming across the same issue.

Hey :wave: You do actually need a personal account to be able to open a business account, so it sounds like you’ve signed up for that so far!

You’ll be able to apply to open a business account alongside that in your Monzo app, by tapping your profile picture in the top left of your Home screen and scrolling down until you see the option to sign up to Monzo Business. You might need to wait for your personal card to arrive first though if you cant see your Home screen just yet :soon:


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