Open Banking -> Database

After a good few years, I think I have decided that I should just put all of my transactions into a database and run queries myself to determine my spending habits etc.

Kinda like Emma / Snoop / Monzo trends but more manual and more customisable for me.

I imagine this has already been done before. It’s not a very creative idea, haha!!

Can anyone link to any projects that do this? I am having a bit of trouble finding one. Any DB will do :slight_smile:


I’m note aware of one, perhaps others are. But if you do manage to exfiltrate your own data in some way then one nice target for it could be If you’ve not seen it before then it’s worth a strong look; lots of tooling around displaying small datasets in interesting ways. And you pass SQL straight from the browser to the backend (SQLite). It’s how I’d do it. One nice thing is that you could then share what you build out with others with minimal friction, so that they also might benefit (and, obviously, vice-versa!)


Unwarranted alternative suggestion - have you tried plain text accounting? I use beancount + fava, and have done for about 5 years now. Beancount has a query language similar to SQL to query your file.

Veyr funnily just 6 hours ago there was a post on the subreddit for this exact thing for Monzo!

@duncang datasette looks interesting, I will take a look :eyes:

@shysaver I have tried plain text accounting. I love the idea but I just can’t get into it :frowning:

Simon Willison, the creator, is pretty well known for his other stuff. Datasette feels like he poured all his thoughts and knowledge from twenty years into one open product. Any time I want to explore some data, I just fire it up. Really worth it. A motorbike for the mind ;-D

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