Only 30 days in March

I just downloaded my March 2021 statement (today is 1st April) and it is missing the entries for 31st March.

Account->Statement History->March->Bank Statement (PDF)->Pin

The statement is dated 01/03/2021 - 30/03/2021

The April statement is available so I assume it has closed off March.


iPhone 7

V 3.75.0 #723

I can replicate this. Transactions from yesterday are missing from the March statement on iOS.

Same here. iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.5, Monzo 3.75.0.

Hmm, mine is the same. Although the transactions from 31 March are on the April statement, so the March statement only runs to 30 March.

Perhaps an April fool to confuse us all!

I can replicate the issue too (iOS).

My 31 March transactions are missing, they aren’t on the April statement.

However I have just noticed if I do the following it works OK:

Set summary to March->Export & bank statements->March->Bank Statement (PDF)->Pin

Is it a common thing that people mistake March for only having 30 days?

I saw something else about this somewhere else yesterday about them thinking March 30th was the last day of the month.

Same, Monzo can you please respond when fixed. Thanks


But also can replicate the same issue.

I can see my 31st March transactions on my March Statement and the statement date is 1st March - 31st March

Are you a premium or plus user…

This could be a new industry disrupting paywalled feature :laughing:

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OK on our Joint Account (drag transaction list down, tap on Account → Statement history → March and statement shows 1st - 31st March and includes 31-Mar transactions)

Same on my Personal, Premium account.


Could it be an Android/iOS thing?

Support said ‘try force quitting the app and trying again’ :roll_eyes:.

What is this the ‘IT crowd’ ? :grinning:

Tried it and no difference.

Checked on my Pixel (:android:) and March 31st items are showing. Sorry to the iOS collective, I think it’s just you.


Just had a look, statement runs from 1/3 to 30/3. iOS user here

I get that we don’t have Android/iOS feature parity but this is a big one.

Edit: same for all the 31 day months… the 31st day is just missing, can’t even find it on the following month’s statement

Does the iOS calendar have 358 days?

Not sure what you mean by that – the 31st exists everywhere else on my devices

OK on my Android