Online shopping

Hi All. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything in a foreign currency, well I certainly haven’t with Monzo. How would I do this though? Would I just checkout following the normal procedures? I’m looking at buying something in USD. Sorry I’m sure this is a simple answer. I couldn’t find anything searching the forum.

Just follow the checkout process as normal. Monzo will convert the cost into GBP at the MasterCard rate.

The MasterCard rate is near enough the perfect conversion, see more below:


Also just a point, since this has happened to me before where they force the transaction through PayPal even if you’re paying by card- if you check out via PayPal, make sure you reject PayPal’s conversion rate and select “convert with card issuer”. PayPal uses their own (inferior) conversion rate and will cost you loads more.


Ah great thank you both very much:)