Paypal or Monzo Conversion

(Jonathon) #1

Purchasing some tickets for an event in Spain next week, and it’s going through Paypal in Euros.

It’s asking if I should take Paypal’s exchange rate, or card issuer. Anyone know which one would be better?

Exchange rate: £1.00 GBP = €1.0977883 EUR

Converted as of 26/04/2018, 19:21

(Danny) #2

check here as this is the rate you will get from Monzo

(Andre Borie) #3

Always use the Monzo rate, so charge your card in whatever currency you’re paying instead of letting the payment processor convert it for you as they always give you a worse rate.

(Jonathon) #4

Monzo - £17.48
Paypal - £18.22

Boom :boom:

(Change Works) #5

Boom, indeed. Spend your £0.74 wisely. :+1:

(Danny) #6


(Andre Borie) #7

Coin Jar! :wink:

Maybe Monzo should create a “legacy bank bullshit fee jar” where upon each foreign transaction, a fee comparable to what a legacy bank would charge is deducted and put into that jar.