Online banking integration HBCI/FinTS

(Dave) #1

It would be great if we could connect personal finance packages direct to monzo using somthing like the HBCI (home banking computer interface) now FinTS protocol see I know this is more popular in Germany than the UK but us supported by Gnucash amongst others.
Failing this a way to pull an OFX or QIF download of transaction data that cam be imported.
This would go a long way to solving the need for online balance per transaction and statement access.

(Colin Robinson) #2

CSV and QIF can be downloaded on iOS from the prepaid app - I guess :monzo: are building this into th Current Account for all?

(Dave) #3

Yes but not android currently.
Ofx/qif downloads are a poor substitute for a proper online interface and with HBCI/FinTS being an open standard there is a ready to go option.
Also being a mobile app makes using the download feature clunky,
1select transaction on app
2 download in selected format
3 transfer to laotop/desktop some how (Dropbox email etc, some not very secure)
4 import to banking app.
Using an online interface would mean the banking app on the laptop/desktop would contact monzo directly and get the up-to-date transaction info.

(Hugh) #4

That’s what an API is for…?

(Dave) #5

Yes but that means developing a custom interface for monzo rather than using an established protocol.

(Hugh) #6

I mean it already exists? Until the new standard comes out in January there really is no “established protocol”…

(Dave) #7

HBCI already exists and is implimented in home banking software such as Gnucash.
Today there is no way to extract transaction data from an android app to a home banking solution without writing a custom app which uses the api and then outputs somthing like off.
Providing an HBCI interface would allow any pacage supporting this to connect to monzo without any custom coding.
As a stopgap ofx or qif export would be a start.

(Hugh) #8

Good news! This has just landed on Android prepaid :slight_smile:

(Dave) #9

Good timing :wink:
That worked, though imported a couple of declined (wrong pin and insufficient funds) transaactions that showed as £0 In the app as real transactions with none zero value. Bug report on its way :wink: