OFX export capability?

Hi guys, are are there any plans for an OFX export capability, possibly via a third party with an API? Microsoft Money still works to this day and remains (I think) the best way to show transactions from mulitple banks/accounts and categorise them… :slightly_smiling:

Well done on the crowdfunding too!


Thanks Edmund! I’m not personally familiar with OFX but in principle, yes – we will support exporting within the app to some common formats and you can export via the API. If we don’t specifically support OFX as an export option, a third-party should definitely be able to :slight_smile:

Thanks @tristan. Yeah, most banks seem to offer OFX or QIF formats for programs like Money and Quicken. Hopefully we can find a way to keep users of those apps ‘on board’!

I can’t seem to get past the Submit button on the email page of the Mondo auth page.

Nothing happens. The Submit button changes colour whilst the cursor is over it, but after clicking there is no indication that another page is loading. It just sits there.

I’ve tried on Safari, Chrome and Firefox on a MacBook Pro and Safari on iOS

I’d love to get it working as it’s exactly what I need :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried and got the following error in the dev console.

along with
“error”: “access_denied”,
“error_description”: “Client does not have permission to authenticate for this user”,
“message”: “Client does not have permission to authenticate for this user”

I got the same error that Adam got.

I’d also be interested in this but look for integrations to MoneyDance app

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Agree, QIF export basic requirement but MoneyDance integration would be great.