OnePlus TV

This is exciting. If it runs Android TV and is well priced, this could be awesome!


This is very good news! I still have a ‘puck’ from the days of the Nexus Player. It isn’t really any good (hardware is dated) but I keep hold of it because there isn’t anything else!

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My Nexus Player bit the dust :pensive:

Biggest complaint about Sony TV’s…


As someone who owns one of these (and an old one that likely won’t see upgrades anymore at that :angry: ), I love Android TV, the problem is the bloody calculator processors they put in them

I hear the top end new ones actually have decent processors and the interface is pretty smooth.

My cousin has an NVIDIA Shield and I’ve been impressed with it. Felt very smooth.

Hope so, was looking at the A1 recently (until it disappeared from John Lewis), so now looking at the AF8. The panel is amazing, but reading AVForums, most people seem to suggest… if you can avoid using the Android OS, your life will be better for it!

Which isn’t a problem for me (youview box, Apple TV and Xbox :smiley: )

You just missed out on one that was going (for free) in #buy-and-sell :wink: I’ll post it to you if you want it!

Yes please Hugo :eyes:

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I think it’s just the power cable that’s gone, to be honest? The actual puck may work.

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I love it personally, it helps that it’s so open, there’s apps for pretty much every service I use regularly, and Chromecast built in for those that aren’t.

Hope this is true. I’d like to see Android and tvOS own this space. So many awful smart TV’s out there.

I recently bought a new TV, so I won’t be getting this, but it’s a very interesting proposition, and given that OnePlus are usually pretty aggressive on pricing, I’ll be interested to see where they place it.

Eight speakers, built in Dolby Atmos, runs Android TV natively, and is a 55" 4K QLED panel display from Samsung. There’s rumors of 43" and 75" (!!!) versions too, but so far only the 55" has been officially mentioned from OnePlus.

Anyone interested in getting one?

43” would be really interesting. Too many high end TVs start at 55”, which is too big for me. Definitely wouldn’t let it on a network, other than Ethernet for the occasional software update though.

Why not, out of interest? I love having a network connected TV. Mine’s a Philips one that fully integrates with my Hue bulbs. And the remote has a Netflix button so I can pull up Netflix within seconds (which is a daily activity in my house!)

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I’m not keen on my TV sending all my viewing habits and location back to advertisers;

I can get all the smart integration I need through an Apple TV.

That’s interesting! I love my OnePlus phone so would definitely consider other products from the brand.


Wish there was better support from UK Broadcasters for Android TV

Heard the OnePlus TV could cost around £1500

I love my OnePlus mobile. This is my 3rd before that I was on Samsung. Never would go back. I am really contemplating the TV when it’s released. Sorry I love the brand. Never a fault

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