iPhone to Android

(Ben Trow) #1

I’m thinking of moving over from an iPhone to an Android phone. Does anyone have any experience of this? Are there any issues with using the card afterwards?

Any advice is welcome!


(Josh Bray) #2

You should just be able to login to your new phone and it should work fine.

What phone are you getting out of curiosity. ?

(Ben Trow) #3

I’m looking into the Google Pixel

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Just to confirm, you shouldn’t have any issues. According to this post -

you could access your account on both phones at once!

(Josh Bray) #5

Sounds good. I was looking at it but decided it was way too expensive so I’ve stuck with my oneplus 3

(Rika Raybould) #6

Nope, no issues. I roam back and forward between the two platforms with no problems.

(Emilia Todorova) #7

No issues, I used both android and iPhone for a few weeks and shortly moving fully to Android as well.

(Emilia Todorova) #8

Thought I would add to this thread as since I’ve switched to Android I noticed something interesting. Back on my iPhone, I had set up targets for the month in various categories and, of course, an overall target. When I transitioned to Android, although targets aren’t yet part of the app, I still receive notifications if I’m spending too quickly for a category target or overall target and same if I overspend. I can’t change or view the actual targets in the app but thought it was worth sharing.