One card to rule them all!

(jim kim) #1

Yes, one card to manage all virtual accounts.
I don’t want 6 card with pin codes to remember etc…

I want one card, with a manageable number of account and manage my card default linked account from my phone!

Short Description:
Meaning, for day to day usage, my card would be set to my default account. For larger purchase/holiday switch to another account until I set it back to my default. Etc. So one card for all my spendings, day to day, buffer, emergency, holiday saving, business trip (expense),short term… etc…

Now there are regular vendor/standing order etc… (amazon, Netflix,BT) which you do not necessarily want to use the account currently defaulted.
here I would expect a lock mechanism, to link a vendor to a specific account…

I just describe what I had in mind, Andy I don’t want to specify the HOW I’m sure Monzo got talented architects to look into it, but if that can be of any help capturing my idea: That’s how I pictured it from a UI point of view…

Main landing page.

  • main landing page displaying all accounts with one Monzo card icon showing to which account it is currently linked to (Multilayer, similar to iPhone wallet)
  • each account could be Color coded for navigation ease…
    Note: ability to change card linked account is key feature

Specific account page:

  • when selecting a specific layer/account, it display all transaction history as current Monzo app.
  • ability to transfer between accounts (obviously)
  • to lock a vendor to a specific account, user select one existing transaction (which is the link between vendor/account) put a locker icon option on that transaction, which pop confirmation request screen to lock all transaction from that vendor to that account.
  • some account can be more sensible than other, and a possible feature would be to use a freeze button similar to card freeze but at account level.

Options screens:
Locker management: after a while there might be quite some vendor/account locks.
Simply list vendors and put suggestive icon to break the lock.

Well, I know it is not just 3screens, and likely beast from a development point of view.


But that would be my dream card!!!


Business viability:
I believe this would be a good driver to get people to use Monzo With broader purpose and reach customers larger assets then current daily spending.

Other feature in mind:

  • Reset to default account at midnight. (Optional)
    Some people may not want that feature at all.
  • possibility to easily create (up to X account) and kill/merge them

This is not the same suggestion as integrating one Monzo card to all vendor (Tesco etc). Which would be an integration nightmare and would kill the technical potential growth Monzo has

I’ve seen several request to share one account with multiple card

(Kevyn) #2

Sounds a lot like what Bunq offer for their European customers.

(jim kim) #3

Didn’t know…

I’ll check out bunq :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kevyn) #4

I really like what Bunq offers. This is up to 25 current accounts and you can attach your card to whatever account you desire etc. The problem is that Bunq is Euro only so doesn’t work properly in the UK (UK direct debits etc). If Monzo went in that direction, I would be very happy!

(jim kim) #5

Just created my bunq account, and seem more or less in line with what I described… but what a horrible UX.
Hope Monzo will go towards that.

No lock options, and only maestro cards boooh


you can not only attach your card to whatever account you desire under your main PIN but can attach a further account to your card using a secondary PIN!


No. Bunq have Mæstro Debit and Mastercard Debit cards available.

(TWM) #8

Is what you are describing the same as the curve app service? I like curve alot and would love the functionality to be part if my monzo, the only downside of curve is you love section 75 protection.

(jim kim) #9

Hi, I’ve just applied for curve…
I’m not sure we are talking the same here, but I do understand where The description overlaps.
But I’m more referring to virtual accounts.

I want all my money in one place, but mangeable in multi streams using one card without having to going through one current account.

I would say it is closer to bunq than curve.
Curve UI seems good and bit alike what I had in mind from a UI perspective.

And yeah agree it is an interesting service they provide, I just don’t want to create 6 bank cards to I could use it the way I want.

1 card 6 useable virtual account.
Rather than 1 cards managing 6 other cards etc…


I mentioned something similar in another thread (Monzo to be your 'one card')

If you think about Monzo as a platform rather than an account, and add accounts through Open Banking APIs and then consider the hot coral card as the way that Monzo (the platform) rather than Monzo (the current account) operates, then you potentially get somewhere interesting very quickly…

(On a semi related note, did I read that a Curve co-founder now has a senior role at Monzo?)


Reading your post, there seems to be two distinct sets of needs:

  1. having access to spend, fund and manage different chunks of cash held by Monzo (let’s be radical and call these “accounts” :wink:). Broadly the Bunq model.

  2. being able to use the Monzo card to service accounts held elsewhere. Broadly the Curve model.

Interestingly, I don’t think there’s much distinction between how these fundamentally operate. Both require Monzo to change paradigm: from being “one app = one account” to being a platform for multiple accounts. Pots has kind of fudged this issue, but some of the feedback on the forum (on lots of different topics) seem to be because it’s not yet clear (in the app, at least) where Monzo is going with this…