Monzo to be your 'one card'

(Miranda) #6

This exists, it’s just not a native Monzo feature.

Flux, which can integrate with Monzo as I understand it, is an app with the main purpose of storing your receipts digitally, however it also automatically uses your loyalty schemes. Not sure which schemes are supported, but you can find out more at

Similarly, but on on the loyalty card point, Curve is another app that integrates all of your accounts into one card, and you’re able to choose which account your purchase comes out.

(Richard) #7

After reading about flux a couple of days ago, I hope this happens sooner rather than later! :grinning:

Especially, if they can get the likes of Costa and Nectar on board!

(Andrew Raynes) #8

Nice app! thanks a lot for the link :slight_smile:

(Hugh Wells) #9

Technically, our new Current Account cards have 1kB of onboard storage which can be used to store loyalty cards, travelcards, you name it! :tada: There has yet to be an implementation of this (I’m sure @GalaxyMergirl will prove me wrong :wink: ) but I am personally excited and having a probe myself to see how this could work! :+1:

(Allie) #10

The truth is I’m not really sure, because it depends what you’d consider an implementation. Companies with EMV store credit cards don’t really count as far as I’m concerned, since it’s only for their own shop.

So yeah, I’m not sure of any cards with third party loyalty data on the chip.

Now, I do know of a few shops setup to read it due to Pear Pay’s single tap loyalty function where both the payment card and loyalty card application are read in one tap at participating merchants.

(Dan) #11

1kB :see_no_evil: I’m sure we’re in the world of GB and TB now :yum: although I guess in a bit of plastic it’s pretty good!

How many cards would you expect to get on your 1 kB? :thinking:

(Andrew Raynes) #12

That’s awesome! Would love to see how this may work in the future! Would it be possible for non-Monzo developers to play around with this sort of stuff in future APIs? (For example Costa).

(Richard Barnes) #13

Hi, Here is what I do, Tesco have their own Tesco Pay app for iOS, I use that to pay and ergo, both my club card and Monzo card are linked to it. All payments made come off the Monzo card and I get my points without fail! It’s a brilliant app. :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #14

This can work well for large retailers, or places you visit super frequently who have the resources, but it doesn’t scale, or you’d have a separate app for every shop you go to!

We are looking at options to provide such a service that connects to many different retailers… watch this space!

(Andrew Raynes) #15

In what sense doesn’t it scale? If you’ve an open api no reason many companies can’t just set this up :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #16

I meant for companies like Tesco who don’t have an open API and aren’t interested in sharing what they’ve built with other merchants.


I am suprised ASDA have not introduced a UK version of Walmart Pay!


Tesco Pay+ is also available for Android.

For those that are unfamiliar with the app, It basically works via a QR code which is scanned at the checkout.

(Andrea) #19

Not sure if it links to Monzo yet (not tried) but the Bink app lets you register your payment cards and loyalty cards (like Boots advantage etc) so you get your points directly from paying on your card


While this would be helpful, I’d find something a little like Curve to be more useful. Let me explain…

Imagine you have a Monzo account and two pots. Each pot has its own account number. Using the app, you can determine which account number payments or withdrawals come from (either by default or by next transaction).

Now let’s scale this to open banking and viewing other accounts through the Monzo app. Let’s say I have a Barclays savings account, linked to Monzo. I select this Barclays account as the one for the next transaction and hey presto, my Monzo card is used to authorise a Barclays transaction…

A bit like Curve in terms of the user journey, maybe, but possibly a whole lot more useful.

One card to rule them all!

I have been advised today by ASDA that this issue was passed on to the relevant department “so we can review the possibility of introducing this payment method to our stores”

I doubt there is the same motivation to get this up and running in the UK as there was in the US, but if I hear any developments regarding a Walmart Pay UK or an ASDA Pay I will keep you posted.


What would be the point of it though, with ASDA not having a loyalty system?

I use the Tesco one, but only because it automatically adds clubcard points to my account and sometimes adds extra bonus points…


For them it would probably reduce their merchant banking charges.


Assuming anyone cares to use it, which nobody will. MCX (aka Walmart Pay) is the proof. :wink:


Surely they must have to give some sort of incentive to the user, I can’t see everyone flocking to use an app in order to save ASDA bank charges!!