Multiple cards, single account (business or families)

There aren’t any really good solutions for managing multiple cards under a single account with any of the existing banks/card providers. Mainly because existing banks have no idea how a modern business actually works. Being able to have an admin that manages multiple cards would be really useful in a business, where more and more purchases are made using debit cards online. monzo would make this easier!

Also, could apply to families where a parent wants to issue cards out to children. Not suggesting you go as far as GoHenry but something that works for older children with some basic visibility/reports of spending, card management etc might work.


I’ve got some good news & some bad news…

Monzo aren’t planning to offer business banking solutions, here’s Tom’s explanation -

he recommends using Tide (who’re backed by the same investors that, partly, fund Monzo) instead. Tide has a fairly similar approach to building a bank. It’s still early days for them, in terms of their products, too though.

The good news is Monzo are keen on the idea of offering accounts to children, here’s Tom’s comment on this…-

I think this was the first time the idea was discussed -

& there’s a few similar posts linked to that one. If you see anything missing, in terms of ideas though, please do share your ideas!

PS when it comes to children’s accounts, I’m a big fan of this sort of idea -


While it could be of benefit to families Monzo will only be offering personal accounts. Monzo accounts are not for business use.

I thought a sole trader can use a Personal Account, and do not have to open a Business account?

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As I understand it, yes they can. And it’s recommended to keep business money separate from personal and to use a second current account to do this.

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Spot on.

It would be great if Monzo offered an option to add a second current account to the app. It would be Ideal for sole traders to have separate accounts and a second debit card, as opposed to having to use a different bank.

not just sole traders. I worked PAYE with one company who insisted paying expenses into a different account from salary