One account a person - is too restrictive

Here is a scenario:

  • I would like to maintain around 500 gbp on my account for everyday spending and
  • I also have standing order for rent (say 2300gbp/mo), internet (50gbp/mo), gas & electricity (80gbp/mo), council tax (150gbp/mo)
    giving in total around 3000 gbp a month which I must have available on my account.

On the other hand, I feel utterly uncomfortable realising that I have to have nearly 3000 gbp on a single account, to which I have access from my card (which I use for Internet shopping), Google Pay and so on… Ideally, I would like to split it into two separate accounts:

  • one for paying large/regular amounts (rent, gas/electricity, council tax and so on) without access from Google Pay and card.
  • another for everyday usage with small amount of money with access from Google Pay and card.

And of course, in this situation, I should be able to link my card to different accounts, for example in my previous bank (in a different country) I had several accounts with national currency, one account with US dollars and one account with GBP. And switched account of card to GBP when I travelled to UK, and switched to USD when I travelled to US.

I was hoping that Pots might solve the problem, but I can not set up standing order directly from Pots (since they are not real accounts).

So, what do you think about being able to create additional accounts?

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Committed spending pots should fill this gap by segmenting the money needed for committed spend each month and have the payments taken direct from this pot. See this thread for more!

It’s also being tested by staff this now:


Thank you for the quick response, the feature looks like a solution.

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Very interested in where you’re living :laughing:

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£2,300 a month RENT!!