Old profile photo shown during a transfer

I changed my profile photo about 4 months ago and yet it still shows my old one (with my ex on it…) every time I pay someone

Details to reproduce:
Change photo, transfer money, old photo still shown.

Android 10
Huwawei P20 mate
App Version:

I think from what I saw in a thread the other day, it’s cached on the phone itself.

If you delete and reinstall (Or if there’s an option to clear the cache somewhere) then it will update.

Also worth checking that the photo isn’t attached to your contact sheet on your phones contacts app.

This fixed it. It does strike me as a bug, but yes clearing the cache (in my phones settings) did fix it.

This is how apps and websites improve performance so things load quicker. You’re basically not re-downloading everything from scratch unnecessarily when it rarely changes.

It will have updated eventually, it depends on how long they’ve set it to expire :slight_smile: 4 months might be a bit excessive though!

Invalidating cache is one of the harder computer science problems… but 4 months is very excessive lol!

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