Octopus Saving Sessions

59% reduction in usage is massive.

I’m not sure you could expect to see such a high figure replicated nationwide, but it suggests that it’s possible to cut significantly energy consumption at peaks demands.

:rotating_light: New session tomorrow 17:30 - 18:30 :rotating_light:

I cant find the last email to compare if the rewards are greater in this one not

Session #1: “You’ll earn 1800 OctoPoints – that’s £2.25 worth – for every unit of electricity you cut down between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM on 15th November.”

Session #2: “You’ll earn 1800 OctoPoints – that’s £2.25 worth – per kilowatt hour for any electricity you cut down between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM on 22nd November.”

So slightly reworded, but looks like the same reward overall.

That’s a shame. Maybe next time there will be a big :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: one

It does make you wonder if they’ll do this every 7 days.

Tempted to lockdown the house and let the 2 lizards cool down for an hour to see if I can get that elusive number of points :ice_cube: :lizard: But real life usually gets in the way!


They said there’d be at least 12 between now and March (?). But I can see this going on for more sessions if the winter keeps getting cold

Cut down on what? Your average daily use, or average use during that time period?

Given I don’t use more than one unit in an hour anyway, it does appear tricky cut cut down.

But hey, I don’t have a smart meter, so don’t need to worry about it anyway :rofl::rofl:

It’s relative to average use during that time period, and you don’t need to cut down by a whole kWh to get points.

I didn’t really go to any extremes for the session yesterday (which started at 5.30) - we finished our cooking before 5.30 and then everyone sat in the same room during that hour with lights on in that room and music playing in background. This should lead to a reduction relative to normal usage for us - at that time we’d normally have one or more screens on, lights on in multiple rooms, and someone doing some cooking.

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I just went out shopping instead :joy:

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You’ve got to be in it to win it

Is that why I’ve never won the lottery then :thinking::joy:

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But did you spend more than you saved?!

It was stuff I needed anyway. Just went then, instead of earlier in the day

Rumours of an incoming session tomorrow …

But after the last one:

National Grid have stood down the request to suppliers as they’ve managed to secure enough output to cover the network.


New session alert :warning: :loudspeaker:

This one has extra perks

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What date/times?

Tomorrow 17:30-18:30

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I’m in… Another dark & cold hour for the familyW

But oh, the rewards :trophy: :money_with_wings:

Lucky you - mine is 10amp, so I can only make limited use of the power hour!

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