Number of Pots Limit

When are there going to be more pots? Desperate for more pots please


You can create 10(?) pots already. How many pots do you need? :scream:


That’s a lot of pot! Is this the drug dealer chauffeur from the Trustpilot thread :wink: :herb:


I have a huge family and other projects that would benefit from unlimited pots. I really need more pots lol


Wish there was a savings pot that generated interest. Thats one thing I do like with Starling- even though its not a great rate, at least I get something


I want more pots. Like 35… I currently use a spreadsheet and have everything split on that. Haircuts, holiday, kids clubs (1 each) glasses, dentist, clothes pot each for all the family, meals out, days out, we have 2 cars so each has insurance, mot, etc. Lots of pots would be amazing.


I’ve got 9 pots so far, so running out :sob::sob:
More pots please!!


Wouldn’t maintaining all those be an absolute nightmare? it would take forever! :open_mouth:

Personally I’d just consolidate all the kids clubs, cars insurance, mot and all other bills etc into a pot called ‘Bills’ to keep it simple and manageable. Likewise, the same could no doubt be done with groups of others too if you’ve broken them down to that kind of granular level. :man_shrugging:


Well the point is we can set up automatic payments to go into the pots so I just have to look and be like “yup that’s what we got for eating out” etc


But then moving money out of pots to spend each time you’re out would be a bit of a faff wouldn’t it? Especially food when you can’t really plan how much it is going to be in advance so you’d have to do that while at the checkout. Then don’t get me started on how messy your feed must look with all those pot transfers :grimacing:

Even direct debits such as your car insurance payments… You’d need to transfer each and every one out of their individual pot each month so that your direct debits can be taken.

Sounds like you should be using the budgeting tool within the Monzo app to me, but if it works for you then that’s all that matters :slight_smile:


I made a Poll about this in the Pots Mega Thread as the 10 pot limit was horrible for me. The poll got 50/50 people wanting more, and people wanting Monzo to spent the time on other things.

Anyway due to the total lack of development in Pots, the 10 limit and the fact you cannot have custom images I moved all my Pots to Starling.


I can’t think of a logical reason for the 10 pot limit not being increased. Hope it is soon.


I just want to see an improved Pots layout. The sideways scrolling is awful, they need to be in a grid type layout (Starling nailed this).


I still find it a bit odd there is any limit on pots, surely it’s entirely arbitrary on Monzo’s end. Unless there’s going to be account numbers for each one (which I’d love) I can’t see why there’s a hard limit of 10 per customer.

I’d also be much happier if they were a vertical list, even without cards - just a table of the name and balance, which I could tap on to access their details. Swiping across is a pain as you only move one at a time, rather than it being a smooth pull that keeps moving I always think I can do one big swipe and it’ll take me straight to the end, or let me tap to stop it moving, but it doesn’t work that way.

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You could move to the magical land of Android where pot scrolling is vertical :rainbow:

It’s not that great to be fair, I probably would prefer them horizontal to be fair so I can get to the options at the bottom quicker without scrolling past all my pots first.

I imagine the current technical limit is 256.

I also find is strange that there’s a 10 pot limit though.

:frowning: the pot limit does frustrate - I assume it’s a decision on the basis of what they feel the current nav UI for pots can reasonably support, but I could easily use x2+ # of pots, and I’d tolerate that number even in the current UI. I asked support if I can have more (as above, it feels suspiciously arbitrary => MAX_POTS=10), but no dice…it also feels like the app is vaguely taunting me with the “+ Create Pot” button even though I’m at the limit…


FYI you can now create up to 20 pots… :honey_pot:

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So with the view that Bill Pots is here, and Salary Sorter, and Pots Reordering on the way, I thought it time to bump this feature request as I imagine it’s highly likely the limit of 20 pots will soon want to be lifted.

Added my vote for it anyway