Number of Monzo Users

Just got a friend to join the club:

  • card activated - today (01/05/17)
  • user number - 186,476

Don’t have edit access on the google doc, so feel free to update it @alexs. Guess 200,000 will be reached around mid-May?


Thanks Nathan, I’ve added them now :raised_hands:

Yes, it looks like we might hit 200k users by the 20th at this rate. The number of users activating their cards each day has been higher than average this month (over 1k per day), which is helping :tada:

Aplogies for the slightly less clear screenshot than usual, I’m doing this from my phone today.


300K by August maybe…?


Possibly :thumbsup: based on my forecast, which has turned out to be a conservative estimate for the 200k, it looks like it’ll be the end of August / beginning of September…

Following on from that, Monzo had got to 194k users a few days ago & based on >1k users signing up per day, the figure must be close to 200k now so if any new users could share their user number here, it’d be great to hear it!


I’d love to know the metrics on how much of the investment this is burning through. £X per each registration.

I guess though that once registered there is a very small increment in system usage and therefore almost zero increase in compute costs.

Assume customer support grows a head each Y thousand as well.

I forget did the business case show how cost grows with number of users VS revenue

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Tom’s said it’s £40 per user, per year until the current accounts launch, then £20 once they do & then break even once the overdrafts launch.

I don’t remember seeing this anywhere unfortunately.

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Thanks !!!

I guess there is a benefit on moving en masses to current accounts then…

I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the finance planning…

Last call - Monzo should hit 200k users either today or tomorrow so if any new users could share their user number here, that would be great :pray:

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My fiancee ordered her card on Wednesday evening, so when she gets it today/tomorrow I will let you know what number she is :grin:


Wow, we obviously have some good salespeople / marketers in the community! :clap:

Sounds like this will be reaaally interesting -


To confirm this feature isn’t ready yet right ? Haha keen to check it out

No it’s not :slight_smile:

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Kind of pointless feature with the Golden ticket thread isn’t it? If you’ve put multiple tickets in there you’ll just see a list of people you don’t know?
Shame we can’t track number of people who’ve used your physical golden cards.

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Yeah I’m not interested in seeing those user’s figures. But it’ll be cool to see how people who have ‘sold’ Monzo to others have got on.

Not many users have access to those.


Will this include referred as well as Golden Ticket?

I guess. I’ve given out over 10 now I think.

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Haha by chance so you run a chocolate factory ? :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure, that’s one for Zancler I’m afraid.

Drum roll please :drum:@alexs

My fiancées Monzo number is!… 201,856

Card activation was today :grimacing::hugs::slightly_smiling_face:


Today’s blog post also revealed that Monzo users have now spent a quarter of a billion pounds on their cards :tada:

& included a nice GIF :slight_smile:


My friend signed up Tuesday and got her card yesterday… user #206174