Having had rates on my instant access saver and cash ISA cut, I was looking at the NS&I Income Bonds.

Does anyone have any experience with their online systems, customer service, speed of deposits and withdrawals etc? Does the rate chop and change a lot?

Thanks in advance!

online system works well for deposits with emailed confirmation of deposit once actioned, deposit shown online immediately , customer service in normal times is good , withdrawals are as the T and Cs , interest rates dont change that rapidly , but that could obviously change at any time. No complaints so far for me in around 15 years

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There are a few discussions about the speed of NS&I in relation to income bonds on the MSE forum.

This is one of them: NS&I Income Bonds

Suffice to say, as you go through the various threads and posts, experiences differ among customers.

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Just bought 4.5k worth of income bonds

Money was in a CBS account, this was money i’ved had saved to me by my grandparents when I was a child. (Was earning 0.4% used to be 1.15%)

Hoping now the rate doesn’t go down because then into my marcus for general savings it goes.

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