Skipton BS OBS 7 - 1.20% var - now reducing

Includes fixed 0.50% bonus for 12 months

No withdrawals allowed within 14 days of opening the account.

App comes with it and needs to be registered on your device. Code sent through post.

Rate is variable.

Allows two linked nominated accounts!


Not worth it for the extra 0.05% I get over NS&I

been doing some investing with vanguards blended funds with a S&S isa and I’m happy with the returns. Only as much money as I’m willing to loose. (Do this or any investing at your own risk and seek your own advice from someone qualified)

I think it will compete with Marcus savers instead of NS&I.

Though NS&I Income Bonds require minimum £500 deposits or withdrawals and not many save those sort of sums regularly.

I have put my NS&I Direct Saver dosh in there as withdrawals likely to be quicker, when needed to be.

I will be dipping in to Vanguard S&S ISA in April 2021. No allowance left for any movement this year.

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Decent rate, but how has this code in the post nonsense survived into 2020?!


I know!!!

How is post more secure than my phone?



If only Marcus let you transfer to any account number and sort code! Would make instances like this so much more seamless


Now withdrawn

I received an email from Skipton earlier to say that they were withdrawing this account due to unprecedented interest, but would honour accounts which customers had started the application process for already.

They also reminded me that, if I hadn’t put any money in yet, I must do this within 30 days or the account will be automatically closed.

Thanks @PaulUK, I would probably have missed it if not for your post!


Anyone else have to manually verify their Monzo account with Skipton?

My Starling account needed it, but Nationwide and Santander didn’t.

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Anyone lucky to have this account may have by now received a letter informing them that from 17 March 2021, it reduces to 0.65% (inc the bonus).

Still a legacy leader at the moment then, but with a rate of 0.15% from Sep 2021 onwards, not so valuable.

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Got that today

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Yes I got that today too. My account reaches maturity on September, so I’ll have to find a new home for it then.

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I’ve still got my Marcus at 0.50% and a Coventry Ltd Saver at 0.55% but both variable and gawd knows what rates will be in September :man_shrugging:

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